Network Storage Server

Backup & restore is easy for drag & drop, Be able to auto-complete or complete

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  • $99.99
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  • Goldray Computer develop co.,ltd.
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  • Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP
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  • 16.0 MB

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First of all, this is a file server, and the file for the unit are user virtual space, while both the file sharing feature, completely determined by the user's own way and permission to share, so this is a high-capacity network drive. Clients highly flexible data backup, file backup and data capable backup for the backup files can be drag and drop backup, automatic backup, real-time backup, and for data backup or database backup can be exported to all other available documents backup. Therefore, he is also a very good performance backup tool, you can develop file upload (backup), file download (sync), two-way (folder mirroring), Senior upload, database backup, file clean-up and other scheduled tasks He always completed on time and punctuality of your tasks. And explain to you the file path in line with source path, so you can more easily locate the file. Main features are summarized as follows: A, high-capacity network drive, user-unit division of virtual space 2, allows users to share folders 3, file drag and drop backup, automatic backup, real-time backup 4, folder, one-way or two-way synchronization or mirror 5, the database full backup and incremental backup (Enterprise Client) 6, using scripts to complete advanced data backup (Enterprise Client) 7, efficient and flexible file name filter 8, server and client support compression and encryption 9, file version control history 10, the client-line installation and automatic upgrades 11, complete logging 12, support the user interface skin 13, support IPv4/IPv6 network 14, international language support 15, efficient network transmission and HTTP 16, are concise and easy interface Query software testing license at any time from (7x24)

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